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Give Clean Water to 50 Families in Tharparkar

The Tharparkar district, spread over 22,000 square kilometers, is a chronically poor area with an estimated population of 1.2 million. Of these, 95 % live in around 2,000 villages. Water shortage is a major problem of the area. In Tharparkar, dug-wells have been found to be the only sustainable source of groundwater. During a normal day, villagers spend around four to six hours on average to fetch four to five pots (50 to 60 litres) of water from dug-wells, situated far and wide.

Solution: Embarking upon this emergent need of Drinking water, we will dig 1 water well in one village of Tharparkar where there are no well. These well will provide Safe Drinking water to 350 persons at their doorsteps. The social life of villagers is also restricted due to lack of adequate water. This especially affects women, who are responsible for carrying water. Young children often have to forgo education due to responsibility of fetching water.

  • Riaz Waleed