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Title: Peace Heart Foundation.
Bank: United Bank Limited
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In times of a crisis, we know that by dialing the emergency services an ambulance will be with us in minutes no matter where we are. Timely provision of care is truly a matter of life and death, without it events can quickly escalate but survival rates increase significantly with every second earlier a patient receives care.

For many families and communities around the world, access to healthcare can be hours away. Many are forced to walk for many miles to get to their nearest doctor or attempt to use unreliable transport to move the patient; which can lead to even more harm for them.

This is particularly harmful to women who go into labor. This is a particularly dangerous time as pregnant women are more susceptible to illness and in many cases, lack of immediate care leads to death.

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Patron in Chief Message

Patron-in-Chief-Messages1The Peace Heart Foundation is a Non-governmental & registered Charity based in Islamabad Pakistan, providing support services to the families of children afflicted with congenital defects, critical disorders, syndromes, and diseases that affect their health condition, education & growth. 

Today Peace Heart Foundation is one of the Pakistan largest parents support group, committed to helping families of children with birth defects and improve their lives and achieve lasting victories over social stigma and other problem they face day today.

The support of our kind-hearted donors, well-wishers, volunteers, and partner organization was also matchless. They expressed paramount trust and confidence in the abilities of our team and interested us with the resources to fulfill the dreams of services to humanity with integrity. I look forward to a similar support and encouragement during 2020 as well, for realization of work on humanitarian basis.

Khan Zaman Serwar
Founder and Chairman Al Ibrahimi Group (UAE)

Upcoming Visit

From 28th May 2021 (Postponed till July 2021)

The PHF Pakistan, a charitable entity in Pakistan and the William Novick Global Cardiac Alliance enter this Memorandum of Understanding for the benefit of the children of Pakistan with heart diseases by conducting pediatric cardiac operative and international camps in RMI in Peshawar.

Health & Medical Project

Kaneez Fatima Drug Treatment & Rehabilitation Center

The treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts can be defined as a journey from drug dependence to a healthy, drug-free lifestyle. The process is long and painful. 

Thalassemia And Dialysis Center

thalassemiaThalassemia & Dialysis Center started functioning under the management of PHF at Baamkheel in District Swabi. Initially with three dialysis machines and 10 beds for poor and needy Thalassemia patients in the area.