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Today’s fast track hi-fi lifestyle, who knows who when and where, requires medical treatment? Due to lifestyle of today’s world and eating habits everyone directly or indirectly are in need of medical treatment. As today in hi-tech world, every day new technology comes out in world of medical treatment, but where to find out? Whom to ask? What is the cost? And mainly whether it is necessary to take treatment or just diagnosis will do? Peace Heart Foundation Pakistan, After making some key research and taking opinions from well known doctors, hospitals and personalities, Peace Heart Foundation Pakistan is inspired to launch a company who is looking after all this aspect.

PHF Pakistan having a great back bone of most professional health associates & institutions controlled by a visionary Founder / Secretary Mr. Arbab Imtiaz Hussain Abro & other teams of Professional, Doctors, which believe to provide maximum treatment possibilities to Patients from Hospitals in south asia. The aim of team is to provide best medical & surgical treatment option to the patients who are interested in being treated by world class Professional Doctors & world top ranking health institutions in south asia.

The Peace Heart Foundation is Non-governmental & registered Charity based in Islamabad Pakistan, providing support services to the families of children afflicted with congenital defects, critical disorders, syndromes, and diseases that affect their health condition, education & growth. Advocacy on Pakistan public health policy, awareness and implementation of various health related projects for common citizen is Pakistan also key result area of our work.

We place special focus on working on child rights. We are trying hard with our community-based efforts to improve basic health of children, educational rights, increase access to fundamental rights including Right to Life as the expression ‘life’ in Article 21 does not connote merely a physical or animal existence. Right to life includes right to life with human dignity.

Today Peace Heart Foundation is one of the Pakistan largest parents support group, committed to helping families of children with birth defects and improve their lives and achieve lasting victories over social stigma and other problem they face day today.

We work with the mission to save the greatest number of children’s lives at the lowest possible cost. We accomplish this through our unique network of health professionals and organizations committed to improving health policies and practices. We operate as an independent support group, seeking and promoting more effective, easily-delivered and less-expensive methods to prevent illness and death of children, such as congenital defects, oral rehydration therapy to prevent dehydration, immunizations, and breastfeeding.

VISION: Struggling to establish a state of art hospital without any discrimination based on religion, political affiliation s race or any other for the treatment of patients affected by hole in the heart.

MISSION: To act as a model institution to alleviate the suffering of patients with Congenital Heart Anomalies (Hole in the Heart) through the application of modern methods of curative and palliative therapy irrespective of their ability to pay

Aims & Objectives: It is heart breaking to see a baby dying for no fault of his because he was born to poor parents. There is no dearth of kind hearted people around who have the intensive desire to help these children but not know how to go about it

  • To facilitate the best possible treatment at an economical rate. To identify the donors who can help the cause
  • To identify the needy patients through the Free heart camps in rural and urban unprivileged population. To create awareness regarding heart disease – the cause, the treatment and the prevention.
  • Arrange Fundraising camps for the financially support of Poor Cardiac kids of Pakistan for Open Heart Surgery.

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