Free Kafan Distribution

We belong to AllahMunir Trust is a civil society organization that provides free Kafan (free shroud set), distribution of Janaza Charpai (Dead Body Carrier) to mosques for carrying a dead body to the graveyard and where there is no access to clean drinking water, Munir Trust provides clean drinking water by installing hand-pumps for poor and needy people in District Badin. The Kafan (shroud) pack has everything you need to ensure that the burial of a deceased Muslim, is in accordance with Sunnah.

Everyone should be given a respectful and dignified funeral after death. Some of our fellow local human beings don't have enough money to pay for their loved ones for their funeral arrangements. Financial assistance is available to help pay the Kafan (shroud) of a loved one or parent. The help is only for low-income and needy people.

We belong to Allah2Poverty is disastrous in Pakistan striking millions of people around the country. Helping the poor and needy people is a good deed and a noble aim. Shroud is a must for every human being, No one has any doubt about it. Each of us has to present himself/herself before Almighty Allah one day, after fulfilling his/her time in this temporary world. When someone dies every one of the family feels shattered and confused.

Kafan (shroud) is an Urdu word that refers to a length of cloth or an enveloping garment in which a dead body is wrapped for burial. The Kaftans of a male and a female deceased person differ only in the number of pieces of cloth used and their arrangement around the body. The Shroud Pack Consists of the following: Kafan (Shroud) cloth(3), Soap, Gloves, Cotton, Itar (Fragrance), Berry Leaves, Kafor, and Disposable gloves.

Donors (Free Kafan Distribution)

Riaz Ahmed M

July 22, 2021

Amount Donated
₨ 200.00
In memory of Muneer A.