Kaneez Fatima Drug Treatment & Rehabilitation Center

The treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts can be defined as a journey from drug dependence to a healthy, drug-free lifestyle. The process is long and painful. Addicts need maximum assistance and care to be able to abstain from drugs and to break the addictive cycle, hence the need for comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation programs that conform to the biological, psychological, and social needs of individuals. Hence the requirement of a separate specialized and independent centers/hospitals for the drug-abusing population.

In Pakistan, majority of existing treatment and rehabilitation facilities provide detoxification services only, particularly in the public sector run health facilities, and no rehabilitation programmes exist. All district hospitals are mandated to have one ward exclusively for treatment of drug addicts. These wards however only provide detoxification facilities. Rehabilitation programmes are extremely costly and demand highly motivated people to take care of drug addicts and their particular circumstances. To cater for needs of hundreds of thousands of heroin addicts alone, is beyond the capacity of any organization. 

Kaneez Fatima Drug Treatment & Rehabilitation Center (KFDTRC) is a program of Peace Heart Foundation in District Badin Sindh, that provides treatment, rehabilitation, and aftercare to adults and children suffering from drug addiction. KFDTRC reaches out to those unattended underprivileged peoples of lower Sindh who have fallen victim to substance drug addiction. At our centers, we offer a caring, respectful and comfortable environment, which fosters recovery through (a) Counselling and Therapy, (b) Treatment & Rehabilitation.

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A combination of program or strategies designed to produce behavior changes or improve health status among individuals.


Removal of toxic substances from the body and treatment of effects caused by drug abuse.


Rehabilitation means to re-establish the good reputation and to restore a condition of good health.


Drug abuse prevention begins with education, spreading the word regarding the dangers of drugs to the community.

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The Ratio of Drug Addicts in Pakistan (according to a 2018 report by United Nation office for Drugs and Crime) is 7.6 million, including 800,000 heroin addicts. Pakistan is going to be a most drug-affected country. The age of drug addicts varies from 15 to 64 years. 

Kaneez Fatima Drug Treatment & Rehabilitation Center (KFDTRC) is one of the first hospitals in lower Sindh with a population of 6 million people covering 5 districts i.e. Badin, Thatta, Sujawal, Tando Muhammad Khan, and Tharparkar. KFDTRC is a joint venture of Peace Heart Foundation and Youth For Pakistan, KFDTRC will provide the services (treatment and rehabilitation) free of cost to poor and needy peoples.

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Aijaz Ali

Chairman KFDTRC
Nindo Shaher, Badin, Sindh
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+92 340 3512392

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